Sweet Potato Chips

I love sweet potatoes! And a lot of people love chips. Why not make a ️Healthy version combining them both??! Exactly, no reason not to. Here is a super east quick recipe that’s a great snack, or side vegetable for any dish.

-1 sweet potato slices very thin (if you have a mandolin, use that)
-Olive oil spray
-sea salt
-Corse ground pepper

1-Turn oven on broil
2-Place potatoes on a cookie sheet and spray with olive oil to lightly coat
3-Sprinkle with salt and pepper
4-Place in oven under broiler
5-Cook for 5 minutes, remove, toss and return to oven.
6-Cook in oven for another 3 minutes, remove, toss and return for another minute. Careful to not burn!
7-When lightly browned edges are seen in potato, they’re ready! Remove, let cool, and enjoy!!



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  1. Karen Ace says:

    That looks great! I have 2 sweet potatoes in the crisper now so I can try them out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I hope you enjoy!


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