Built Breakfast


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, so they say…

And, it is true!! Breakfast (breaking the fast), is extremely important to start your day off right, for kids, adults, athletes, those wanting to lose weight, and the list goes on.

When you skip breakfast, your blood sugars are low from night, and continue to drop until you eat. This causes you to feel very hungry by lunchtime. Your inhibitions are replaced by extreme hunger cues, and overrating is likely to occur. The problems isn’t just overeating, but this drop in inhibition makes it more likely for you to eat more “unhealthy” options. A negative impact for all who are trying to do their body well.

Additionally, your brain needs fuel to function. What is going to feed your brain if you don’t eat breakfast? Your muscles! Don’t eat your muscles!

What can you do to make sure you eat a good breakfast? The key, as in with all things in life, is balance. Start with high fiber carbohydrates, add protein, and mix in a moderate amount of healthy fat. Having this mixture gives your blood sugars different times to spike, and fall, preventing extreme hunger by lunch.

My favorite breakfast is oatmeal. Super easy to make, quick and delicious! It’s has a great mix with steel cut oats (carbohydrates/fiber) + nuts (protein/healthy fat) + fruit (high fiber carbohydrate) + milk/yogurt (protein./healthy fat.

Another great breakfast is a breakfast sandwich: whole wheat bread (carbohydrate/fiber) + 2 egg whites (protein) + avocado (healthy fat) with tomato. Yummy!!

Fuel your day right!! Mix up your breakfast, ask me if you would like some more ideas!

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