For any nutrition related questions, feel free to e-mail me!

I am based out of Truckee, CA. I am available for individual nutrition counseling, individualized meal plans, and group classes. Ask me for price rates!




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  1. Andy says:

    My name is andy Johnson I’ve been going through brain cancer and lost my pituitary gland along with many other functions. So they put me on steroids and levothyroxine that has packed on an easy 60 pounds. I’m seeking some help with a good diet Plan was wondering if you could maybe help me?my phone is 530 414 4712 thank you look forward to hearing from you!im located in Truckee


    1. Hey Andy! I would love to help you out. I work in Reno during the week and usually am back in Truckee around 6/7. I’ll give you a call soon!


    2. Hey Andy! I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been so swamped at my job at UNR this week (someone quit so I get to be two people). Do you have an email address I can use?


  2. Nutrita App says:


    We are contacting you as we would like to offer you FREE access to our app Nutrita Pro and if you have some time to share your feedback that would be really valuable for us to make the app better.

    We are working with RDs, MDS and PhDs to help people make nutritional & lifestyle changes to fight metabolic syndromes diseases.

    We have 4 main goals for now that people could select and we recommend their customs macros based on their physical parameters. We have also created a series of scores like the Nutrient density score, insulin index, and keto score. Our goal is to educate people and help them to make inform decisions.

    Our website is:

    Thank you and looking forward to receiving your feedback.

    Nutrita App


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