What Is A Registered Dietitian?

What is a Registered Dietitian (RD), or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?20140707-111552-40552039.jpg

When looking for sound nutrition advice, Registered Dietitians are the most qualified.
Here are a few qualifications RDs must possess that will convince you they have the top food knowledge.

  1. Earn a 4 year Bachelor of Science Degree (Classes such as organic chemistry, food science, human metabolism, anatomy..etc. it is not BS!)
  2. Complete 1200 hands on practice hours through an accredited internship (that’s 1200 hours of free work).
  3. Pass an extremely difficult Registration Exam (basically undergrad all combined in one test…studying for weeks–see my flash cards and notes??)
  4. Maintain current Registration through acquiring continuing education hours.

It’s not easy!!

Those who do not have these qualifications, and consider themselves “nutritionists,” are putting down the hard work and knowledge that Registered Dietitians have.

If you want to eat right, make sure your advice is from someone who knows their stuff, ask me, a Registered Dietitian.

Here are photos of SOME of the studying that was done to prep for the RD exam…Looks fun huh!






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