Pre-Workout Super Combo

Power pre workout couple 💕

Whole wheat bread 💚 Avocado

✨These two are a super pre-workout snack!
*The carbohydrates in whole wheat bread are complete carbohydrates, meaning they longer to convert to glucose-keeping your blood sugar level consistent and preventing that mid-workout energy crash
*Avocado provides with a long-burning fuel, giving you energy at different times than carbohydrates. Plus, avocados have potassium to help prevent with cramps.

To do:
-Toast one piece of wheat bread (2 if your workout is more than 1.5 hours
-Mash 1/4 avocado onto the toast (1/2 avocado if your workout is more than 1.5 hours)
-Add some lemon on top, it makes it even more yummy;)



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  1. Just had this before yoga this morning!

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