Pre-Workout Snacks (1-hour workouts)

Here is a short list I have compiled for per-workout snacks for workouts that last about 60 minutes. It is extremely important to have something before you workout so that you are able to get the most out of it. The main energy source for exercise are carbohydrates. So, focus on getting these in.

Here are a few, if you would like more, feel free to e-mail me!

1- Avocado on whole wheat toast ✨A super per-workout snack!
*The carbohydrates in whole wheat bread are complete carbohydrates, meaning they longer to convert to glucose-keeping your blood sugar level consistent and preventing that mid-workout energy crash
*Avocado provides with a long-burning fuel, giving you energy at different times than carbohydrates. Plus, avocados have potassium to help prevent with cramps.

To do:
-Toast one piece of wheat bread (2 if your workout is more than 1.5 hours
-Mash 1/4 avocado onto the toast (1/2 avocado if your workout is more than 1.5 hours)
-Add some lemon on top, it makes it even more yummy;)


2- 1C berries with 1/2C low fat cottage cheese.
*Have this 60-90 minutes before a workout. The berries provide energy from carbs, the cottage cheese provides calcium, potassium and vitamin D—all helpful when training

3-  1 medium banana + 1 tbsp of nut butter!
Potassium to prevent cramping + health fat + carbs


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