Gluten Free Cook Book

Well, I have successfully made it through 6 days avoiding gluten all together! I already experienced many problems those who have Celiac Disease or gluten allergies come across. Today I was at a wellness fair, where employees all brought in home-made foods. Yikes!!

I got lucky on this one. There was a woman at the fair who is married to a man with Celiac Disease. We were talking about gluten free cooking, how her and her husband eat out, etc. She was telling me about a great gluten free cooking book. According to my new friend, this book is a “Life Changer”.

It is important to incorporate nutritious meals that you can enjoy with others, as eating is a very social thing that we do often. This book has great recipes that are excellent for social gatherings. My friend says every time she and her husband go to a party, they make something from this book:

untitled Low Carb-ing Among Friends Cookbooks: 100% Gluten-free, Low-carb, Atkins, Wheat-free, Sugar-Free, Recipes, Low-Carb Diet, Cookbook Vol-4

I tried the gluten free cheesecake that my friend made from this book, and it was so delicious! I couldn’t tell a difference between that and a ‘regular’ cheesecake.

I feel like this month will really allow for me to help people who have gluten problems!

Do you have any other great gluten free cooking books that I could recommend to others? Please do share!


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  1. The Allergen-Free Bakers Handbook by Cybele Pascal is absolutely perfect! We have been gfree for almost 8 years now, it can be done!


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